About us


Welcome to the Medicare Contact website. Medicare Contact is a network for top class medical services as well as high level of customer services in germany.

Only the best hospitals and best trained doctors are among our partners. University Medical Center Göttingen, University Medical Center Jena, HELIOS network of Hospitals – all those are just a few examples of word class medical facilities that have working relations with us.


Despite all the technical developments medical treatment still is very personal an often dependent on the personal quality of the doctors and the staff. Our medical network in germany is the result of  tremendous amount of work and experience. The staff of Medical Contact mostly consists of doctors. They have been working in the german medial system for up to 20 years. Each of our network partners is carefully selected. All the medical facilities we are offering have not only been visited, but we have direct and personal contact to the doctors - a kind of information that often makes the difference and is crucial for treatment success. This direct knowledge allows to choose a top class medical treatment on an affordable basis. In most hospitals you will not only be given a VIP status but be personal taken care of during your stay as a friend.


Each step of your medical trip is planned and organised carefully, your visit will be quick and affordable. All you have to do is to make an enquiry. Our doctors will carefully examine your medical documents and will then offer a solution that will meet both your medical and financial needs.

You will decide the level of support that is comfortable for you. If you are thinking about sightseeing, as we are locals we can plan a very personal trip for you. If you only need channelling a contact to a medical facility that is fine for us.


Whatever your needs will be – we are with you throughout the journey taking care of you.